Vision: Where Mass Culture is going

By circulating robust, inclusive research through a healthy network, Mass Culture will deepen the capacity of communities to develop an interconnected Canadian arts sector, empowered to reflect and make informed decisions towards a future in which the arts sector in Canada can thrive.

Purpose: Why Mass Culture exists

Mass Culture is committed to ensuring all communities have the ability to mobilize and benefit from arts and culture research.

Mission: What Mass Culture does

Mass Culture is dedicated to recognizing, undertaking and disseminating professional research that is relevant to the Canadian arts community. By convening cultural workers and academics, Mass Culture provides a platform for knowledge to be explored, widely understood, and mobilized.

Guiding Principles: The code that guides Mass Culture’s work

Mass Culture is committed to upholding the following:

  • Mutual Respect: engaging cultural pluralism and diverse perspectives through the work.
  • Access: an ongoing practice of defining and improving access with communities.
  • Decent Work: implement and evaluate Mass Culture’s decent work practices in service to the sector, our team(s), and each employee.
  • Reconciliation and Relationship Development: making collaborative action toward mutually beneficial goals between Indigenous and non-Indigenous communities.
  • Relations: deepen relationships and creative approaches that address the needs of the sector across generations.
  • Stability: ongoing evaluation to improve Mass Culture’s work. Commit to sustainable practices in operations, programming, and projects.
  • Integrity: conducting ethical research, collecting accurate data, valuing transparency, and embracing debate.