Why Mass Culture?

Mass Culture joins people together to develop and share knowledge for action.

What is Mass Culture?

Through a healthy network and a robust research support system, Mass Culture will support the development and promotion of community engaged cultural policy research that enables Canada’s arts and cultural sectors to connect and make informed decisions towards a richly sustainable future.

How does Mass Culture help me?

You know all those interesting research papers, tweets with links, and email / social media threads discussing information you wish you had time to absorb. You KNOW it would add value to your work in the arts, but it’s overwhelming to read, let alone engage in.

Well… Mass Culture is striving to create the connective tissue needed to make arts research (knowledge, data, info.) more accessible, digestible, and meaningful. We want to build some creative solutions so that we as an arts sector know ourselves better, and can share the tremendous value that we offer with the rest of the world.   

How do I get involved with Mass Culture?

Mass Culture started as a group of five arts practitioners working on the side of their desks. The Toronto Arts Council’s Open Door Program gave this hard working group the fuel and confidence to start talking to people, now at over three-hundred people across the country.

Mass Culture is now a network of over three-hundred and growing! There are five Working Groups and some super supportive allies.  If you care about arts research, building networks, and/ or greater knowledge mobilization for the arts, any one can take action on a task that meets your capacity. Get in touch – info@massculture.ca

OR stay in the loop and JOIN

We aren’t quite there yet, but creating research that is prioritize by the art sector is something to work towards. What are your research priorities?  Share them HERE.