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Mobilizing Cultural Plans into Action (Cities), February 1st 2019

Sanjay Shahani (Edmonton), Branislav Henselmann (Vancouver), Patrick Tobin (Toronto), with Bridget MacIntosh (facilitator)

Cultural Development in Rural and Remote Areas, March 1st 2019

Felicity Buckell and Annalee Adair with Bridget MacIntosh (facilitator)

Pre-Recorded: Massey Commission History Lesson, October 17th 2019

Ravi Jain, Kate Taylor, Thomas Sparling and Zainub Verjee with Tara Mazurk (facilitator)

Can artists really save the world? November 7th 2019

Lynda Jessup, Vanessa Kwan and Owais Lightwala with Kelly Langgard (facilitator)

Être artiste et travailleur culturel francophone au Canada, 28 novembre 2019

Jean Surette, Jocelyne Baribeau, Jean-François Packwood, Shawn Jobin, et Suzanne Campagne (facilitatrice)

So…what does the future of organizational planning look like NOW? April 20th 2020

Umair Jaffar, Gracia Dyer Jalea, Robin Sokoloski and Clayton Windatt