Mass Culture acknowledges the great work that is already happening across our sector. Organizations are conducting research, creating toolkits and reports, and finding creative ways to partner on issues that matter to their communities. Mass Culture intends to enhance rather than duplicate efforts. By tapping into the existing energy, Mass Culture can play a role by connecting and promoting cultural policy research, updating old data, and addressing research gaps that exist across regions, disciplines, and issue areas.

While an organizational model for Mass Culture will be created and refined throughout the 2017-18 consultations, we have a fun, frenetic initial impression of what a highly connected hub with existing organizations and networks could look like:




Visual depiction created by Tara Mazurk & Clayton Windatt


Mass Culture Groups:  

A number of groups have been struck to support the Mass Culture initiative during the start-up phase. If you are interested in taking an active role in the Mass Culture initiative, please contact Mindy at info@massculture to participate in a group, or discuss other ways to collaborate.

Stewardship & Operations Group: This group consists of Mass Culture’s founding members. This group manages the initiatives key operations and continues to work with Mass Culture’s growing network to shape what is possible.  

Kristian Clarke   

Kate Cornell

Tara Mazurk

Robin Sokoloski

Clayton Windatt

Mass Culture Engagement Group: Reviews the consultation process to ensure that Mass Culture is adhering to the guiding principles and meeting the needs of the community and the sector while promoting events and providing insight on potential participants and hosts in different regions, communities and sectors across Canada.

Fanny Martin, Group Conduit

Lowell Gasoi

Richard Hornsby

Brenda Leadlay

Kallee Lins

June Park

Network Group: Assists in building the infrastructure (network) needed to maintain Mass Culture by generating strategies and connections.


Michelle Yeung, Group Conduit

Marnie Gladwell

Gaëlle LeMasson

Jim Munroe

Rebecca Peirson

Konrad Skorupa

Robin Sutherland


Communications Group: Contributes towards the design and dissemination strategies for the promotion and coordination of various initiatives through social media and traditional media while helping to develop key messages for various initiatives.


Ainslee Beer, Group Conduit

Mary Blackstone

Hamal Docter

Joanna Prescod

Jasmine Spei

Digital Strategy Group: Contributes towards the development of a Digital Strategy for the Mass Culture initiative across Canada.

Tammy Lee, Group Conduit

Leslie Cheung

Vidhi Gupta




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