What might an arts & culture research network look like? Visual depiction by Tara Mazurk & Clayton Windatt


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If you are interested in taking an active role in the Mass Culture initiative, please contact Kathryn at to participate in a group, or discuss other ways to collaborate.

This group contributes towards design and dissemination strategies for the promotion and coordination of various initiatives through social media and traditional media while helping to develop key messages for various initiatives.

Ainslee Beer

Joanna Prescod, Group Conduit

Meg Shannon

Jasmine Spei

This group contributes towards Mass Culture’s Knowledge Mobilization plan (Gatherings, MC Minds, Artifex, and other activities that engage individuals in arts research) to ensure that Mass Culture is adhering to its guiding principles and meeting the needs of its network.   

Mary Blais

Kymberley Feltham

Kallee Lins, Group Conduit

Robin Nelson

Elena Sobinova

Evelyn Tauben

Winnie Tam

This group contributes towards the building of Mass Culture’s Governance Roadmap by generating strategies to grow a healthy network and stewarding connections around research topics.

Mary Blais

Ben Dietschi

Marnie Gladwell

Allison Moore, Group Conduit

Andrew Walker

This group contributes towards the organization’s key operations such as its financial and human resources, organizational inner workings (bylaws & policies), and the foundational elements of its Operations Management plan.

Clare Daitch, Group Co-Conduit

Kenji Maeda, Group Co-Conduit

Owais Lightwala

Carly Maga

Cat MacKeigen 

Nadine Medawar

Michelle Yeung

Adviser to Operations Working Group:
Kathleen Sharpe

Through the advisement of the network, the Research WG will set the organization’s annual research agenda as well as devise Mass Culture’s policies that pertain to its involvement with research.

Mary Blackstone

Carolyne Clare 

Liz Forsberg

Lowell Gasoi

Frédéric Julien

Bridget MacIntosh, Group Co-Conduit

Shawn Newman

Stephany Peterson

Cate Proctor, Group Co-Conduit


Annalee Adair, Project Manager, Cultural Human Resources Council

Mona Afshari, Marketing & Communications Manager, WorkInCulture

Jessa Agilo, President & CEO, ArtsPond/Étang d’Arts

Linda Albright, Executive Director, Arts Network for Children and Youth

Kathy Allen

Rupert Allen

Nichole Anderson

Rachel Andrushuk

Alexandra Anisman

Holly Anghel

Lara Arabian

Gideon Arthurs, CEO, National Theatre School of Canada

Jean Assamoa, Founder & Artistic Director, Akwaba Cultural Exchange

Caroline Augustin, Blueheel Dance Studio

Michael Aylward, Vice Chair, Great Canadian Theatre Company

Marnie Badham, Vice Chancellor’s Post Doctoral Research Fellow, RMIT University

Alexandra Badzak, Director and CEO, Ottawa Art Gallery

Alethea Bakogeorge

Karen Ball

Sue Balint

Warren Bain, Artistic Associate, Sheatre

Joy Barrett, Executive Director, Castlegar Sculpturewalk

Sara Bateman

Renuka Bauri

Ainslee Beer, Policy Manager, Craft Council of BC

Steve Bellamy, CEO, Confederation Centre of the Arts

Katy Belshaw

Loretto Beninger

ed bernacki, Innovationalist, The Idea Factory

Stephanie Berrington

Anne Bertrand

Denis Bertrand

Blerina Berberi

Sylvie Binette, Owner, Museum Professional and Artist, Binette Cultural Solutions

Meridith Bisiker

Maegen Black, Director, Canadian Crafts Federation / Fédération canadienne des métiers d’art

Mary Blackstone

Mary Blais, Principal, Mary Blais Arts & Culture Consulting

Catharine Blastorah

Sam Boer

Teresa van den Boogaard

Allison Bottomley

Miranda Bouchard, Artistic Director, Thinking Rock Community Arts

Shannon Bowler

Seika Boye, PhD

Jillian Bracken

Stuart Braidwood

Jutta Brendemuhl, Program Curator, Goethe-Institut Toronto

Lynn Briand, Senior Strategic advisor, KIK Strategic Management

Carrie Brooks-Joiner, Director, Tourism and Culture Division, City of Hamilton

Boris Brott, Artistic Director, National Academy Orchestra of Canada

Patti Broughton, Executive Director, Guelph Arts Council

Jennifer Brown

Belinda Bruce

Susila Bryant

Felicity Buckell

Jen Budney

Lori Burke, Executive Director, Cape Breton Centre for Craft & Design

Jonathan Bunce, Artistic/Executive Director, Wavelength Music

Gregory Burbidge, Research & Policy Specialist, Calgary Arts Development

Emma Burgess

Ruth Burns, Executive Director, Ontario Culture Days

Rebecca Burton

Eva Cairns

Kayla Calder

Naomi Campbell

Katriina Campitelli

Dave Carey, The Bentway

Mariana Castellanos, PhD Student, École nationale d’administration publique

Katherine Carleton, Executive Director, Orchestras Canada

Maria Carneiro

Nathalie Carrier, Executive Director, Quartier Vanier BIA

Adrienne Carter

Diana Carter

Nathalie Casemajor

Olinda Casimiro, Executive Director, Art Gallery of Northumberland

Brittney Cathcart, Vice President, Business / Arts

siva cherla, Director, Orchestra Toronto

Kristin Cheung

Helen Chimirri-Russell

Laura Clark

Kristian Clarke, Co-Founder of Mass Culture, Executive Director, Dancer Transition Resource Centre

Eddie Clifford

Susan Colbert Wright, ProArteDanza and TOES for Dance

Amanda Coles, Lecturer, Arts and Cultural Management / Employment Relations, Deakin University

Kate Cornell, Co-Founder of Mass Culture, Executive Director, Canadian Dance Assembly and Co-chair of  the Canadian Arts Coalition

Rebecca Cotter

Tanya Craig

Sandy Crawley

Susan Crocker

Tim Crouch

Vicki Cummings, President, Vision Co-Create

Zoe Cunningham

Al Cushing

Dr. Antonio C. Cuyler, Founder & Principal Consultant, Cuyler Consulting, LLC

Sara D’Agostino

Clare Daitch, Interpretive Planner, Government of Yukon, Tourism and Culture

Kathleen Darby, General Manager, Creative City Network of Canada

Stephen Davies, Assistant Professor, OCAD University, Graduate School, Strategic Foresight and Innovation Program

Diane Davy, Executive Director, WorkInCulture

Dani De Angelis

Mila Dechef-Tweddle

Michele Decottignies, Founding Artistic Director, Stage Left Productions

John Degen, Executive Director, The Writers’ Union of Canada

Elisha Denburg

Juliette Denis, Mobilization Officer, Synapse C

Scott Dermody, Toronto Alliance for the Performing Arts (TAPA)

Kevin Desjardins

Monique Désormeaux, Deputy CEO, Ottawa Public Library

Anike Després, Cultural Funding Officer, City of Ottawa

Marilyn Desrosiers

Natalie Dewan, Communications and Membership Services Coordinator, Ontario Presents

Sara Diamond, President Emerita, OCAD University

Lautaro Dichio

Ben Dick, Cultural Mapping and Research Officer, City of Ottawa

Russ Disotell, Organizer/Facilitator, Brockville Culture Days

Su Ditta, Executive Director, Electric City Culture Council

Idil Djafer, Membership Coordinator, Playwrights Guild of Canada

Laila Djiwa

Melinda Doherty Griffiths

Emma Doran

Tara Dorey, Program Director, Mural Routes

Chantal Dos Santos

Mike Douglas, Executive Director, Mississauga Arts Council

Cynthia Dubé

Eric Dubeau

John Dunne, Managing Director, One Yellow Rabbit

Deborah Dragon

Stephanie Draker, Work In Culture

Lora Drusian

Nina Jane Drystek

Laurence Dubuc, PhD Candidate, Université de Montréal

Julie DuPont, Portfolio Manager, Public Art Program, City of Ottawa

Gillian Dykeman, Executive Director, ArtsLink NB

Pamela Edmonds, Senior Curator, McMaster Museum of Art

Sue Edworthy, Owner, Sue Edworthy Arts Planning

Matthew Eger

Kate Einarson

Saada El-Akhrass

Nehal El-Hadi

Angela Elster

Lee Erdman

Kris Erickson

Robin Etherington, Executive Director, Bytown Museum

Karla Etienne, Executive Director, Canadian Dance Assembly

Danna Evans, General Manager, Culture and Tourism, City of Guelph

Leah Faieta, Leah Faieta Consulting

Mhiran Faraday

Jahn Fawcett

Robin Faye

Jennifer Faulkner

Alyssa Fearon

Liz Feld

Melanie Fernandez

Lisa Fiorilli

Lindy Finlan, General Manager, 4th Line Theatre

Stephanie Fischer, Executive Director, Capitol Theatre Restoration Society

Wendy Fitch, Executive Director, Museums Association of Saskatchewan

Jennifer Fitzpatrick, Director of Cultural Services, City of Humboldt

Todd Fleet

Aviva Fleising

Julie Fossitt

Liz Forsberg

Andre Forsythe

Barbara Franchetto

Stacy Franck, Penticton & District Community Arts Council

Kirsten Frankish

Carly Frey

Anne Frost

Deanna Galati

Deep Ganguly, Sound Healing, Nexus9

Lowell Gasoi, Carleton University

Dennis Garreck, Outreach Consultant, SaskCulture Inc.

Warren Garrett, Executive Director, Ontario Presenting Network

Guillaume Gaubert 

Laura Rock Gaughan

Johan Geertsema

Kathryn Geertsema

Sarah Gelbard

Kat Germain

Sue-ellen Gerritsen, Program Officer, Canada Council for the Arts

Laura Gibbs

Andrew Giguère

Dominique Giguere, Currents Group Inc.

Emily Gillespie

Claire Gillis, Chief Business Affairs Officer, Access Copyright

Marnie Gladwell, Executive Director, Saskatchewan Arts Alliance

Hana Glaser

Alex Glass, Interim Executive Director, ArtsBuild Ontario

Lisa Gleave

Sapna Goel

Lindsay Golds, Project Manager, ArtsBuild Ontario

Jewell Goodwyn

Jen Gordon

Jennifer Gordon, Director, Centre for Creative Business Innovation & Humber Galleries, Humber College

Diana Gore, Programming and Communications Coordinator, Kingston Arts Council

Linda Gorrie

Eric Goudie

Julia Gray

Jennifer Green, Director of Donor Engagement, Toronto Arts Foundation

Harman Grewal

Janita Grift

Vidhi Gupta

Nadine Haddad, Director of Philanthropy, Confederation Centre of the Arts

Suzanne Haines, Executive Director, Aurora Cultural Centre

Monika Hakala, Ontario artsVest Program Manager, Business for the Arts

David Han

Sally Han, Manager, Cultural Partnerships, City of Toronto

Amanda Hancox

Tuija Hansen

Nathanial Hanula-James

Rebecca Harrison

Zoe Harvey

Annette Hegel, Director, SAW Video Media Art Centre

Eva Hellreich

Beth Helmers

Sherri Helwig, Associate Professor, Teaching Stream – Arts Management, University of Toronto Scarborough

Luisa Henz

Maxine Heppner, Artistic Director, Across Oceans Arts

Rhiannon Herbert

Andrea Hibbert, Executive Director, London Arts Council

Lisa Hickey Besserer, Business Strategist, Arts & Culture, The City of Calgary

Janna Hiemstra

Stephen Hignell, Cultural Sector Advisor, Nordicity

Kelly Hill, President, Hill Strategies Research Inc.

Shana Hillman, Operations Director, East End Arts

Sophie Hinch, Education and Public Program Coordinator, Art Gallery of Windsor

Danielle Hogan

Julia Horel, Publisher, Shameless Magazine

Richard Hornsby

Brendan Howlett

Patricia Huntsman, Principal, Patricia Huntsman Culture + Communication / Managing Director, Arts BC

Marie-Line Hurley

Stephen Hurley, Founder and Chief Catalyst, voicEd Radio (Canada)

Em Ironstar

Chris Jackman, Chair, Arts & Design, Centennial College

Christine Jackson

Rebecca Jaine

Mark Jamison, President, envericom ltd.

John Jantunen

Janet Jarrell, Quinte Arts Council

Patty Jarvis

Sarah Jarvis, Director of Partnerships, Tourism Toronto

M. Sharon Jeannotte, Senior Fellow, Centre on Governance, University of Ottawa

Amy Jenkins, Head, Art Bank, Canada Council for the Arts

Peter Jiao

Michael Johnston

Rick Jones

Frédéric Julien, Director of Research and Development, CAPACOA

Emily Jung

Beth Kates, Founder / Artistic Director, Digital Alchemy Creation Lab

Maria Karam

Heather Kaufman

Marta Keller-Hernandez, Managing Director, Mural Routes, Programming Director Paralia Newcomer Arts Network

Heather Kelly, Founder & CEO, HKC Marketing

Dave Kemp, Assistant Professor, Ryerson University

Shahda Khan

Melanie Kloetzel, Associate Professor – Dance, University of Calgary

Jacoba Knaapen, Executive Director, Toronto Alliance for the Performing Arts – TAPA

Liz Kohn, VP, Marketing and Communications, Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF)

Ron Koperdraad

Wiktor Kulinski, Arts Ecology of Brantford/Brant

Kenneth Kutz

Monica Lacey, Program Coordinator, this town is small inc. – PEI’s artist run centre

Calla Lachance

Marie Lalonde, Executive Director, Ontario Museum Association

dr. friederike landau

Annetta Latham, Assistant Professor, MacEwan University

Gilles Latour

Brenda Leadlay

Sally Lee

Tammy Lee

Maya Lefkowich, Researcher, AND implementation inc.

Cliff Le Jeune, Executive Director, Dance Nova Scotia

Gaëlle Lemasson

Kristina Lemieux

Shelley Lepp

Jeanne LeSage,  Principal, LeSage Arts Management

Chris Leveille

Steven Levitan

Joanna Lilley

Milton Lim

Kallee Lins

Shannon Litzenberger

Sarah Lochhead, founder, Artistic and Executive Director, Simcoe Contemporary Dancers (SCD)

Charlotte Lombardo, PhD Candidate, York University Faculty of Environmental and Urban Change & Sketch Working Arts

Claire Loughheed

Karen Love, Executive Director, Pemberton Arts Council

Carin Lowerison, Managing Director, Green Light Arts

Natalie Lue, Vancouver Civic Theatres

Mary Elizabeth Luka, Assistant Professor, Arts & Media Management, University of Toronto

Janis Luttrell, Recreation Programmer, Arts and Culture at Corporation of the Town of Newmarket

Lauren Lyew

Amy MacDonald

Peter MacDonald, General Manager, Ottawa Chamberfest

Haley MacDonald, Director, Customer Experience & Operations, Imagine Canada

Bridget MacIntosh, Creative Director / Principal Strategist, Bridget MacIntosh & Associates

Cat MacKeigan

Jean Macpherson, Program Manager, Digital and Media Art, Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity

Cory Mack

Jeff Macklin

Jesse MacLean

Emmanuel Madan

Kenji Maeda, Executive Director, Greater Vancouver Professional Theatre Alliance

Carly Maga

Deb Maitland

Candace Makowichuk, Executive Director, Edmonton Short Film Festival

Manon, Communications et collaborations stratégiques, Fédération culturelle canadienne-française

Rebecca Marchand

Judith Marcuse

Michael Maranda, assistant curator, Art Gallery of York University

Jane Marsland

Fanny Martin, Director, Art of Festivals

Nichola Martin

Jacqueline Massey

Cathy Masterson

Julia Matamoros

Abdulrahman Matar, Syrian Mediterranean Cultural Forum

Nicole Matiation

Nick Maturo, Research Coordinator, ELAN

Tara Mazurk, Co-Founder of Mass Culture, Consultant, Cultural Industries with Global Public Affairs

Mafa Makhubalo, Founder/Artistic Director, Mafa Dance Village

Michael McAllister

Jerrold McGrath, Director of Launchpad Programs, Artscape Launchpad

Kera McHugh, Membership & Marketing Coordinator, Comox Valley Community Arts Council

Hope McIntyre, Assistant Professor, University of Winnipeg

Micheline McKay

Raine McKay, Executive Director, Craft Council of BC

Kelly McKean

Douglas McLennan

Lorna McParland

Nadine Medawar, Regroupement québécois de la danse

Gil Meslin, Research and Development Manager, Artscape

Nicole Milne

Nicole Mion

Catherine Mitchell

Katie Mitchell

Aziza Mohammed

Kate Monaghan, Associate Director, Advancement, Arts Commons

Janis Monture, Director of Tourism & Cultural Initiatives, Six Nations of the Grand River Development Corporation

Allison Moore

Helen Moore-Parkhouse

Nancy Morgan, Executive Director, Playwrights Guild of Canada

Emma Morris, Consultant, Art and Cultural Heritage, City of Regina

Debora Moura Sarti

Alison Murphy

Greg Murphy

Collette Murray, Artistic Director, Coco Collective

Michael Murray, Executive Director, Toronto Musicians’ Association, Local 149 CFM & AFM

Mitzi Murray

Amy Mushinski, Associate Director, Public Affairs, Canadian Opera Company

Jessica Myers

Susan Nagy, Executive Director, Lakeshore Arts

Leslie Najgebauer, Director, Office of the CEO, TAS

Daniela Nardi

Daniela Navia

Lisa Ndejuru

Jane Needles

Garry Neil

Robin Nelson, Assistant Professor, MacEwan University

Helen Nestor

Benedict Nguyen

Norma Nicholson

Emi Nishimura

Rebekah Noseworthy

Phyllis Novak, Artistic Director, SKETCH Working Arts

Tara O’Donnell

Toyin Oladele

Cassandra Olsthoorn, Executive Director, Arts Network Ottawa/Réseau des arts d’Ottawa

Gaia Orion

Jude Ortiz, Research Coordinator, NORDIK Institute

Tom Osborne

Devon Ostrom

Gail Packwood, Executive Director, Associated Designers of Canada

Jean-François Packwood, Directeur général, Conseil culturel et artistique francophone de la Colombie-Britannique

Angela Paparizo, Manager of Arts and Culture, City of Burlington

Maryse Paquin, Professeure titulaire, Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières. Département d’études culturelles

Maria Parrella-Ilaria, Coordinator, The ArtSpeaks Project

June Park, The English Language Arts Network (ELAN)

Andrea Pass, Footprints Dance Project Society of Alberta

Alicia Payne

Rebecca Peirson, Acting Chair, Arts & Design, Centennial College

Christine Pellerin, Manager, Governors Council, Shaw Festival

Sonia Pelletier, Directrice générale, Regroupemnt des arts interdisicplinaires du Québec (RAIQ)

Amanda Peters

Stephany Peterson

Jennifer Petrilli, Managing Director, Canadian Network for Arts & Learning

Inga Petri, Owner, Strategic Moves

Sergei Petrov

Taisa Petruk, Riverfront InterArts

Ken Pettigrew

Deb Pickman, Co-Artistic Director, shameless hussy productions

Elsa Pihl

Alain Pineau

Geneviève Pineault

Bruce Pitkin, Executive Director, Art Starts

David Plant, Executive Director, Trinity Square Video

Susan Pointe, Commercial Art Consultant, S. Pointe & Co. Inc.

Anne-Laurie Poirier

Tatiana Poluch, Program and Communications Coordinator, ArtsBuild Ontario

Amy Poole

Vanessa Porteous

Cate Proctor, Founder/Principal, Proctor Shift Consulting

Marta Proctor

Mike Prosserman, CEO, Epic Leadership

Samyuktha Punthambekar

seeley quest

Lisa Randall, Senior Program Manager, CultureLink Settlement and Comm Services

Kelly Reedy, Artist/Art Therapist/Educator, ArtWorks

Devon Reid, Director of Cultural Partnerships, Gallea

Henry Reid

Wendy Reid, Associate professor, Professeur aggrégée, HEC Montréal

Kai Reimer-Watts, Creative Director, The People’s Climate Foundation

Monique Renaud

Leah Resnick

Catherine Richards

Cynthia Roberts

Pru Robey, President, Pru Robey Consulting

Guy Rodgers, Executive Director, The English Language Arts Network (ELAN)

Malia Rogers

Natalie Roizman, Project Manager, UME Academy

Tamara Romanchuk

Phillip Rose-Donahoe

Jill Roszell

Justin Rutledge

Dana Sabbah

Ali Sabourin, Senior Project Manager, City of Hamilton

Victoria Sanchez

Mark Sandiford

Jason Saulay, Affinity Programs and Business Development, AFBS

Shahina Sayani

Laura Schembri, Supervisor, Culture Services, Town of Newmarket

Lisa Schincariol McMurtry

Kathryn Schoutsen, Manager of Community Engagement, Innisfil ideaLAB & Library

Fiona Scott

Eleonora Sermoneta

Meg Shannon,  Content Creator & Communications Strategist

Rosie Shaw, Confederation Centre of the Arts

Melaina Sheldon

Danny Shelton Jr.

Catherine Shepertycki, Co-ordinator, Cultural Development and Initiatives, City of Ottawa

Paula Shewchuk

Jenny Yujia Shi

Kristen Shima

Mirette Shoeir

Claudia Sicondolfo

Hallie K. Siegel

Leslie Silverman

Roger Sinha

Lindy Sisson

Catherine Smalley

Charles Smith, Executive Director of Cultural Pluralism in the Arts Movement Ontario (CPAMO)

Colleen Smith

Jerry Smith

Jim Smith

Thom Sokoloski

Jacqueline Soczka

Robin Sokoloski,  Co-Founder of Mass Culture

Jacinthe Soulliere

Clau Souza

Teri Souter

Jasmine Spei

Boomer Stacey

Eleanor Stacey, Executive Director, Nelson Civic Theatre Society/The Civic Theatre

Kelly Stahl, Senior Manager, Cultural Services, City of Brampton

Jenna Stanton

Shanna Steals

Victoria Steele

Derek Stevenson, Strategic Leader, ATB Branch for Arts & Culture

John Stevenson, President, LeisurePlan International Inc.

Sylvie Stojanovski

Naomi Stokes

Jini Stolk, Research fellow, Toronto Arts Foundation

William Straw, Professor, McGill University

Laura Suchan, Executive Director, Oshawa Historical Society/Oshawa Museum

Robin Sutherland, Founding Artistic Director, Thinking Rock Community Arts

Chuck Sutyla, Cult

Andrea Switzer

Sarah Todd

Jessica Telford, Exhibition Coordinator and Communications, Alberta Craft Council

Amy Terrill

Christina Tizzard

Éric Trépanier, Business Intelligence Director, Synapse C

Emily Trottier

Sara Udow, Principal, Process

Angela Vannatter, Marketing Manager, Pacific Legal Education & Outreach Society

Lidia Varbanova

Stephanie Vegh

Zainub Verjee

Michael Vickers, Co-Director, Akin

Peter Vietgen, President, Canadian Society for Education through Art

Amanda Vincelli

Samantha Wainberg, Executive Director, York Region Arts Council

Kaitlin Wainwright

Charles Walker, Tourism & Business Development Manager, Town of Florenceville-Bristol

Mike Wallace, Executive Director, Theatre Museum

Daniel Webster

Bobbi Westman, Executive Director, Alberta Dance Alliance

Emma Westray

Tim Whalley

Julie Whelan, Senior Manager, Nordicity

Lucy White, Lucy White Consulting

Jessica Whitford, Managing Director, Toronto Dance Theatre

Carol Wiebe

Paol Wierzbicki

Andrew Willick

Charlie Wilson-Borella

Michael Wilson, Coordinator – Professor, Imagination, Creativity and Innovation Cohort (ICI), Teacher Education, University of Ottawa

Clayton Windatt, Co-Founder of Mass Culture

Paulina Wiszowata

Camila Wong

Gillian Wood

Erin Woods

Betty Xie

Po Yeh

Michelle Yeung

Amino Yusuf, Communications Coordinator, Canada Council for the Arts

Gabriel Zamfir-Enache, Director, Research, Measurement and Data Analytics, Canada Council for the Arts

Joyce Zemans