MC Research Provocations identified in Phase Two

Organisational structures, Leadership, Governance   #MCResearchArtsOrgs

  • Organisational Roadmaps from Volunteer-led to Professional
  • Innovative governance and leadership models
  • Mentorship

Rural & Remote Areas   #MCResearchRural

  • Toolkit on Arts & Culture in rural areas
  • How to build sustainability in tourism
  • How to instill a community of giving in rural areas
  • How to move beyond seasonal, tourism-dominated nature by developing local audiences
  • Land-based practices

Cultural planning & development   #MCResearchCulturalPlan

  • How to establish and operate a cultural hub
  • How to integrate arts with other sectors (Health, Education, Poverty & Crime reduction)
  • Case studies on the development of dedicated Indigenous creative hubs as well as multi-disciplinary creative hubs that house Indigenous arts organizations
  • Developing national touring networks

Arts education   #MCResearchArtsEdu

  • New models for post-secondary and lifelong arts education
  • Arts & artists in schools

Advocacy   #MCResearchArtsPolicy

  • What successful marketing campaigns for physical activity or mental health might be applied to arts, culture and creativity?
  • What techniques are being used to educate the public in different places about the importance of arts and culture?
  • What mechanisms, stakeholders and research do we need to make change happen in a long-term basis?
  • What can we learn from other sectors (Film, Music, Parks & Recreation…) in terms of making the case for the arts?
  • Employee engagement through the arts
  • Cultural diplomacy
  • Social / cultural prescription

Cultural workforce & professional development   #MCResearchArtsWorkers

  • How can rural artists create environments where professional fees are expected?
  • What is the logistics of establishing a minimum wage for artists and/or revising current fee schedules?
  • Artists as frontline workers addressing local issues through arts for social change: working in mental health, addiction, correctional facilities, trauma, community living, seniors…
  • How to build a thriving local economy for arts & culture workers
  • How to establish and manage effective professional networks
  • Teleworking in the cultural sector
  • Monitoring changes in the socio-economic conditions of cultural workers

Funding & Policy   #MCResearchArtsFunding

  • How does Indigenous Art get funded?
  • What are the policy frameworks and mechanisms that shape funding decisions, especially regarding Indigenous arts?
  • International examples of creating and delivering arts policies
  • How do we create our own funding program?
  • Revenue generation through social enterprise
  • Leveraging partnered micro-financing (for operations, innovative work, special projects, etc.)

Impact & Measurement   #MCResearchArtsImpact

  • How do we articulate our stories and the value of our work in ways that resonate?
  • Economic impact of the arts
  • Social impact of the arts
  • Cultural workforce data

Audience Development   #MCResearchArtsOutreach

  • Engaging young people / teenagers
  • Reaching out to 20-30 year olds
  • Developing audiences in conservative / traditional communities

Society   #MCResearchArtsAccess

  • Arts and culture in relation to broader social priorities: vulnerable and equity-seeking populations, local economic development and workforce development
  • Inclusion, equity
  • Access to and participation in culture
  • Affordable housing for artists
  • Creativity & Wellbeing

Creative & Public Spaces  #MCResearchSpace #MCResearchCreativeSpace #MCResearchPublicSpace

  • Mapping of creative spaces
  • Ownership is varied
  • Accessibility
  • Rural vs city
  • Affordability (affordable quality space)
    • taxes
  • Models of shared/community space
  • Meanwhile spaces
    • popups
    • issue of zoning
  • Social return on investment
  • Public & private owned properties
  • Gentrification
  • Faith spaces & research re: how they’re going to be used
  • Whose space is it? Do you feel invited?
  • Flexibility of spaces
  • Inclusivity of spaces
  • Intersectionality to meet needs of other groups