Group Call Out – Join the Network!

If you are interested in volunteering toward this national initiative and strengthening cultural research in Canada, please contact Kathryn Geertsema at to express your interest. Please consider your experience, and also new areas that you want to grow your knowledge, when choosing which group to participate in. Terms and conditions will be shared and revised with confirmed group participants.

Mass Culture Engagement Group

  • Promote events in different regions, communities and sectors across Canada
  • Provide insight on potential participants and hosts
  • Advise on how to document and disseminate information from the gatherings
  • Help evaluate the gatherings on an ongoing basis, and post-gatherings
  • Help identify key insights from gatherings for presentation at the 2019 Mass Culture conference
  • Create a bridge between 2018 gatherings and the overall network with the Network Group (below)

Network Group

  • Provide insight on new network participants, and potential partners and collaborators
  • Act on and explore your own Network Weaver characteristics to advance the Mass Culture network (see checklist from the Network Weavers Handbook)
  • Develop best practices on the mobilization of ideas and sharing of information
  • Create a bridge between the overall network and the 2018 gatherings with the Mass Culture 2018 Gatherings Group (above)

Communications Group

  • Help develop key messages for various initiatives
  • Assist with promotion and coordination of various initiatives through social media and traditional media
  • Assist in creating podcasts
  • Advise on multi-media channels for content
  • Advise on tools and platforms for interactive user engagement
  • Provide feedback on website, social media, press releases and other communications material
  • Provide effective oversight on plain language and accessibility
  • Joint partnership with the Digital Strategy Group

Digital Strategy Group

  • Develop a Digital Strategy for the Mass Culture initiative
  • Advise on tools and platforms for interactive user engagement
  • Advise on social media coordination, meta-data, and other integrations
  • Advise on best practices for digital archiving
  • Provide effective oversight on accessibility for digital developments