Artifex + Datathons

Datathons are Mass Culture’s approach to building a community-sourced anthology of tools and resources related to specific arts research topics, thereby creating a collective literature review. All tools and resources collected are housed in Artifex, Mass Culture’s arts research hub created in partnership with the Creative Hubs and Networks Mapping Initiative (CHNMI) at University of Toronto Scarborough (UTSC) with support from the Critical Digital Methods Institute (CDMI) in 2020-2021.

During our datathons, which occur over 3 days, Mass Culture leads a number of engagement strategies. Examples of these include:

• Event-specific mailing list to ensure those who are enthusiastic get first access

• 1 hour events with invited speakers offering an opportunity for interactive discussion

• Pre-recorded videos for distribution

Datathons Mass Culture has hosted

On Arts and Climate


This datathon will be occurring from November 7 through November 9. Sign up below!

On Arts' Impact

With the Association for Opera in Canada

From March 28 through March 30 2022, Mass Culture and the Association for Opera in Canada co-hosted a datathon to collect resources related to measuring arts’ impact.

On Arts for Mental Health

With the Mississauga Arts Council

In collaboration with the arts community, we were able to collect over 100 resources relevant to the arts and mental health. This fed into the conference Mass Culture hosted in partnership with the Mississauga Arts Council. 

More about Mass Culture's Datathons

Mass Culture worked with Alexandra Anisman to co-design the datathon process. You can find instructional infographics here if you’re interested in running your own datathon: read more about Datathons and setting up your own here.

Artifex was created through a partnership between