By overseeing the development and promotion of community-centred cultural policy research, we envision an arts and cultural sector that is well-equipped to understand its value and challenges so that it makes a lasting contribution to Canadian society at home and abroad

Mass Culture will…

Guiding Principles

These seven commitments serve as a starting point to inform our values and guide our work. We commit to:

  • Mutual Respect: cultural pluralism and diverse perspectives engaging our work.
  • Access: an ongoing practice of defining and improving access with our communities.
  • Decent Work: implement and evaluate our own decent work practices in service to our sector, our team(s), and each employee.
  • Truth and Reconciliation: makig collaborative action toward mutually beneficial goals between Indigenous and non-Indigenous communities.
  • Transformative Power: deepen relationships and creative approaches that address the needs of the sector across generations.
  • Stability: ongoing evaluation to improve our work. We commit to sustainable practices in our operations, programming, and projects.
  • Integrity: conducting ethical research, collecting accurate data, valuing transparency, and embracing debate.









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