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Mass Culture is an arts support organization that strives to harness the power of research to learn and generate new insights, enabling the arts community to be strategic, focused and adaptive.

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Robin Sokoloski

Director of Organizational Development

Kathryn Geertsema

Office Manager

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Mass Culture’s Research Priorities are:

If you see alignment in the work you’re doing or would like to accomplish, and would like to collaborate or even partner on a project, reach out with a request to meet with Robin Sokoloski, Director of Organizational Development: [email protected]

Framing Arts Impact by convening the value of arts in society. Community of practice for arts research. Research about the sector: knowing ourselves.

Join Mass Culture’s Network Governance Body​

Mass Culture’s governance model is made up of four Working Groups. The nomination process begins in March and a new slate of Working Groups are approved during the AGM in September. If you’re curious and potentially interested in joining one of these groups email [email protected] and we’ll set up a meeting for you to meet with staff and someone from the group. We recommend you review the 2021-2023 Strategic Plan in advance. 

Submit an idea for MC Minds

MC Minds (our blog, podcast, and videos) will inspire, educate, question, connect and journey through knowledge on arts and culture research topics across Canada.

Submit resources to Artifex​

Artifex is a crowd-sourced repository of arts research resources. Resources are organized according to the following categories: datasets; models and frameworks; tools; projects and programs; advocacy and policy resources; resource repositories; and other resources.

Send Mass Culture feedback​

Mass Culture is an ever evolving organization, and in the interest of remaining a community-based network, any feedback on how you think MC can be made more effective and accessible is welcomed. Send your thoughts to [email protected].

Consider making a donation to Mass Culture

Mass Culture is a charitable organization (Business No: 118830371RR0001). In 2019, After a year of talks, Mass Culture took on the charitable number of the Canadian Conference of the Arts (CCA) to uphold the CCA’s 60+ year legacy by devising a system for arts research in Canada. 

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions, or want to get involved, please email Kathryn at [email protected].

Mass Culture joins people together to develop and share knowledge for action.

Through a healthy network and a robust research support system, Mass Culture will support the development and promotion of community engaged arts research that enables Canada’s arts and cultural sectors to connect and make informed decisions towards a richly sustainable future.

You know all those interesting research papers, tweets with links, and email/social media threads discussing information you wish you had time to absorb. You KNOW it would add value to your work in the arts, but it’s overwhelming to read, let alone engage in. 

Well… Mass Culture is striving to create the connective tissue needed to make arts research (knowledge, data, info.) more accessible, digestible, and meaningful. We want to build some creative solutions so that we as an arts sector know ourselves better, and can share the tremendous value that we offer with the rest of the world.  

Mass Culture is primarily interested in building a system for research, since generating and sharing information helps us explore and understand. In Mass Culture’s activities, we maintain the integrity of research by creating space for professional arts research to be generated without aiming for a desired result. Although we want to make sure research is usable, how it is used will not direct the research. While Mass Culture is not an advocacy entity, individuals and organizations who engage in the Mass Culture network may end up using the research for their own advocacy purposes.

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