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Mass Culture is an arts research organization whose focus is creating accessibility to arts research, fostering community around arts research, investigating and communicating arts’ impact, conducting and promoting research that helps the arts sector know itself better, and generally reframing how we think about “research”.

As part of these endeavours, Mass Culture seeks to work with artists to translate research, partner with organizations outside the arts sector to increase our reach, and bring you experimental events marrying the sector’s need for community engagement with the capabilities offered by the digital age.

If any of this piques your interest, don’t stop at sharing a donation – feel free to get in touch to see if you can be more involved, or just to ask a question! Email

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Where Your Donation Is Going

Supporting the cost of someone’s attendance from outside of Toronto to the event on January 23rd & 24th. Click here to learn more!

Mass Culture hires researchers (spoken word poets, graphic recorders, etc) to share information in creative ways.

Some past examples include:

This poem by Luke Reece

This graphic recording by Devon Kerslake 

This blog article by Yvette Nolan

Supporting the research analysis and activities to deliver useful information on how the federal budget impacts the arts sector. Click here to learn more!

Supporting Mass Culture’s professional development opportunities for artists and arts workers.

TRAIN: Training Respectful, Adaptive and Inclusive Networks in the Arts

You like what we do and trust us to deliver meaningful support to the arts sector.

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How do I become more engaged with Mass Culture?

You will be updated regularly about Mass Culture’s activities, as well as upcoming opportunities. And don’t worry, announcements are rarely sent out more than once a month, so your inbox won’t be clogged. 

Some benefits:

• First access to MC’s research reports, news, and events
• First access to MC Minds Podcast, Video & Blog
• Share your own research activities in our newsletter (1200+ reach)

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Mass Culture’s governance model is made up of five Working Groups. The nomination process overseen by MC’s Network Working Groups begins in March and a new slate of Working Groups is approved during the AGM in September. If you’re curious and interested in joining one of these groups, email and we’ll set up a meeting for you to meet with staff and someone from the group. We recommend you review the 2021-2023 Strategic Plan in advance.  

Mass Culture is still a relatively new organization, and in the interest of remaining a community-based network, any feedback on how you think MC can be made more effective and accessible is welcomed. Send your thoughts to

MC’s current research agenda is the following: 

• Framing Arts Impact by conveying the value of the arts in society;
• To create a Community of Practice for arts research;
• To conduct Research About the Arts Sector, allowing us to get to know ourselves better.

If you see alignment in the work you’re doing or would like to accomplish, and would like to collaborate or even partner on a project, reach out with a request to meet with Robin Sokoloski, Director of Organizational Development:

Find out more about the blog, which aims to demystify arts research, here:

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