Mass Culture, Mobilisation culturelle.

Mass Culture is an arts support organization that strives to harness the power of research to learn and generate new insights, enabling the arts community to be strategic, focused and adaptive.

Upcoming Activations

Find out about Mass Culture’s activities designed to build capacity for arts research by providing reliable resources, training, infrastructure, and the support necessary for meaningful and impactful research to occur.

Data Narratives for the Arts (D.N.A)

Introducing Data Narratives for the Arts (D.N.A) – an initiative to ignite data empowerment within the arts community! D.N.A is a program that includes the Arts Data Platform, an unparalleled national resource of financial and operational data from 4000+ charitable arts organizations and a Data-Utilization Learning Series that will enable arts professionals to utilize data in a practical way and enhance arts organizations’ ability to tell impactful stories through data.

DNA will empower the arts sector with a data-driven mindset, showcasing the genuine value and immense impact this sector brings to society!

Next in the D.N.A sequence of events

We have now started the learning intensive with this amazing group of 15 arts organizations.

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