Mass Culture is an arts research organization that seeks to support the dissemination of arts and cultural research across Canada. Through a network of stakeholders, Mass Culture will address cultural research issues at organizational, sectoral, and governmental levels. Founded in 2015, it has since acquired charitable status.


Mass Culture and the Centre for Cultural Value are teaming up to bring you MC Breakfast Chats during the Centre for Cultural Value’s Festival of Ideas entitled, What value culture? During specific sessions, Mass Culture invites festival attendees to join us in chats via Slack, offering an opportunity to engage in real time about session topics.

MC MINDS ON THE EDGE – Alternative Federal Budget Chapter

Alternative Federal Budget Chapter – Arts & Culture

Alternative Federal Budget Chapter – Arts & Culture By Cate Proctor and Bridget MacIntosh From September 2020, Cate’s book Leverage the Arts Ecosystem to Influence Local Prosperity will be available…
Graphic Recording on Arts Impact by Devon Kerslake

Mass One Study Date: Civic Impact Frameworks

Civic Impact Frameworks • Mass One Study Date In the Zoom Where It Happened By Julie McIsaac Exploring‘s Arts Impact Kernel, and re-contextualizing it to track recovery and resilience.…
Future of Work_Study Date

Mass One Study Date: The Future of Work

THE FUTURE OF WORK • Mass One Study Date In the Zoom Where it Happened By Samantha Staresincic Looking at the “now” to think about the Future of Arts Work in…
MC MINDS ON THE EDGE – Introducing MC Minds

Introducing MC Minds: On the Edge

INTRODUCING MC MINDS: ON THE EDGE From Inside the MC Office By Jasmine Spei & Meg Shannon Now in its fifth year, Mass Culture has grown from an idea shared…

Mass Culture brings the arts community together to discuss research priorities that matter to them

Cultural Planning • Whitehorse, YK • 2020

Arts Access • Montréal, QC • 2020

Arts Policy • Wakefield, QC • 2019

Cultural Planning • Vancouver, BC • 2019

Arts Access • Toronto, ON • 2019

Arts Impact • Toronto, ON • 2019

Arts Impact • Toronto, ON • 2019

Cultural Planning • Toronto, ON • 2019

Creative Spaces • Waterloo, ON • 2019

Cultural Planning • Sudbury, ON • 2019

Audience Development • Charlottetown, PEI • 2019

Impact & Measurement • Vancouver, BC • 2019

Cultural Planning • Charlottetown, PEI • 2018

Cultural Planning • Six Nations, ON • 2018

Arts Workers • Toronto, ON • 2018

Data • Toronto, ON • 2018

Rural Arts • Thunder Bay, ON • 2018

Cultural Policy • Halifax, NS • 2018

Cultural Planning • Regina, SK • 2018

Arts Workers • Ottawa, ON • 2018

Cultural Policy • Toronto, ON • 2018

Rural Arts • Haileybury, ON • 2018

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Mass Culture honours and acknowledges the territories upon which our offices reside, the traditional land of the Huron-Wendat, the nations of the Haudenosaunee Confederacy, the Métis, and the Anishinabek, including the Mississaugas of the New Credit Nation. We recognize and respect all recorded and unrecorded Nations who cared for this land of Tkaronto, meaning “Where the Trees Meet the Water.” We honour the Dish With One Spoon treaty and our responsibility to peaceably share and care for the resources around the Great Lakes. Mass Culture is grateful for the opportunity to nurture the world of the arts and connect cultures and communities across this land, which is the home to many Indigenous peoples from across Turtle Island. We hope to breathe life into our obligations to those communities and treaties.

Mass Culture recognizes that accessibility is a dynamic process. If you found any part of this website to be inaccessible to you, please email