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Summer 2022 update on the Research in Residence: Arts’ Civic Impact initiative

A summary of the Research in Residence initiative as of Summer 2022.
Art by Harmeet Rehal

As we approach the end of summer, the Research in Residence: Arts’ Civic Impact initiative winds down this phase of work, which has seen: 

  • the production of 5 research reports by our resident researchers, as shared in the Methods report that also details the processes used by this research initiative;
  • the ongoing exploration of these methods by Jamie Gamble, Khiem Hoang and Mass Culture by means of a continuous evaluation approach shared via an interactive Miro whiteboard; and
  • a personal reflection on developmental evaluation by Khiem Hoang, shared as a blog article on Mass Culture’s website.

What's next?

As we share these materials with you, we are preparing and planning the next and final phase of this project during which we will:

  • work with the arts community to explore the practical application of the researchers’ civic impact frameworks;
  • release these frameworks; and
  • make available more evaluation materials.
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