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Mass Culture is an arts support organization that strives to harness the power of research to learn and generate new insights, enabling the arts community to be strategic, focused and adaptive.

Video Gaming and the Arts Sector


Three rounds of compelling exchanges from the indie gaming industry on community development, ladders of engagement, and cultivating interactivity across creative and commercial activities.

Knowledge process

Mass Culture, in partnership with Gros Morne Summer Music, is proud to have hosted their very first Play-Go-Round event with content creators from the indie gaming community.

During this event, which was recorded, we explored and discussed ideas surrounding community development, ladders of engagement, cultivating interactivity across creative and commercial activities, discoverability, and working with user data. 

This event delved into what the arts sector can learn from the video game industry; specifically, indie game studios. In the wake of increased pressure to develop more digitally-savvy practices, arts organizations need to look to adjacent sectors to thrive creatively and commercially in the ever more digital world. The themes covered in this preliminary event will set the stage for further inquiry. 

As a lead up to this event, Sarah Brin, Marie Claire LeBlanc Flanagan, and Bart Simon each developed a thought piece, spurred from how the not-for-profit arts and gaming sectors can create shared experiences with one another. 

The event, emceed by Naomi Stokes, was an enriching exchange, delving even deeper into their commissioned thought pieces through Mass Culture’s Play-Go-Round conversation inspired by the Art Angel Longplayer project’s Long Conversation format. Audience members were invited to join us in exploring the arts sector’s relationship to digital technology and the implications of a digitized world that gaming embodies. The event concluded with an artistic windup from spoken word poet, Luke Reece.

These thought pieces, created by the event’s content experts, provide insights into their areas of expertise within the video gaming industry, as well as where they see opportunities for learning between the arts and gaming sectors.

An excerpt from Luke Reece’s poem, created during and inspired by the event

Luke Reece,


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