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Access in Counterpoint

Hand-drawn title card with the words “Aaron Richmond” in the middle, surrounded by two brown-skinned ballet dancers in blue leotards posing in two different dance positions and holding a pink leaf in each hand.
Art by Harmeet Rehal

Research in Residence: Arts' Civic Impact

Introducing Access in Counterpoint by Aaron Richmond (McGill University), a qualitative arts framework that explores the dimensions of accessibility by measuring the impact of making dance accessible to people with blindness and low vision. This framework examines similarities and differences in the language used to describe projects, ambitions and creative approaches to making dance accessible in blind and low vision communities.

The Framework

What follows is the result of research which followed multiple creative initiatives aimed at making dance accessible for people with visual impairment. While considering the creative process and language used by each of these initiatives, I asked: How does the exploration of dance beyond the visual enable a rethinking of accessibility beyond its strictly logistical dimensions?

The Video

View Aaron's video to understand:

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