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Living Climate-Impact Framework for the Arts

Hand-drawn title card with the words “Emma Bugg” in the middle, surrounded by pink clouds, a blue flower with brown leaves, and a large blue paintbrush with a streak of blue paint.
Art by Harmeet Rehal

Research in Residence: Arts' Civic Impact

This qualitative arts framework provides indicators to measure arts impact in environmental sustainability. The study fosters transformation towards climate action and adaptation by using forward-thinking to create a useful arts impact assessment framework.

The Framework

This framework was designed as part of the Research in Residence: Arts Civic Impact Initiative by Mass Culture, and was produced in collaboration with CreativePEI. Thus, the framework was primarily built with CreativePEI’s context in mind, but we encourage other practitioners within and outside of the arts to consider the utility of this framework in their unique contexts. The framework presents categorized indicators in three groupings: Who (who is and isn’t being reached or engaged by the work); How (what modes and strategies are being used to carry out the work); and What (what goals and outcomes are being worked towards). The framework also presents two categories that investigate impact on a larger scale and which show the intersections and fluidity of indicators among the categories. Even though we’ve presented the indicators in these categories, we encourage you to explore new combinations and understand that many indicators can shed light on impact in multiple ways! Each impact area in the framework contains various impact indicators which can be used to help plan and measure the impact of your activities.

Three ways to interact with the Framework:

  1. Click on the Miro Board on this webpage to explore the framework and leave a comment
  2. If you aren’t comfortable using Miro, download the PDF to view the indicators
  3. Email [email protected] to request your very own Living Climate Impact Framework to make use of the customizable pallet.

Watch the video to find out more.

The Video

View Emma's video to understand:

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