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Research in Residence: Arts' Civic Impact

The Roundtables

Topic: Impact Assessment in the Arts

When: 10 am to 3:30 pm, January 9, 2023 

Where: Fiegle Centre, Macewan University 

The Edmonton Roundtable event is part of a Social Science and Humanities Research Council Connections funded series titled Expanding Impact: Activating Arts and Culture Today (EI). The project is the national knowledge mobilization strategy for the Mass Culture Research in Residence: Arts’ Civic Impact (RinR) program. RinR connected academics from six universities, including six Mitacs-funded graduate student researchers, six arts funders, and 20 arts organizations, to engage in research on arts’ civic impacts. The national research event series supported by EI began in May 2022 to deepen community engagement and the relevance of the frameworks developed during RinR. The event series aims to present the qualitative arts for civic impact frameworks developed by the research interns, as well as spark dialogue, learn, share, and inspire action by bringing together researchers, academics, artists and cultural practitioners from across the country to discuss arts’ value and impact assessment. The series is ongoing.

The Edmonton Roundtable discusses several arts civic impact frameworks broadly with the following prompts: Are you having an impact? How do you know? How do you show?

Topic: Creative Climate Action: Understanding Impact in Arts-Climate Engagement on PEI

When: 5 pm to 7 pm, June 7, 2023 

Where: Beaconsfield Carriage House

Creative Outcomes

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